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FlightGear Newsletter April 2011

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BK 117 is progressing nice
Authors and developers, since orbital flight is possible in FlightGear from now on, you are invited to make a FlightGear driven Mercury-Atlas project. Low earth orbit flights can be more exact and eyecandy in FlightGear than in any current simulator. And you can be sure it will be free for you and users in any case.
=== BK 117 is progressing nice nicely ===
[[Image:Bk117cockpitdev.jpg|thumb|BK 117 cockpit in developement (Blender)]]
While work on the fdm is mostly finished and only small things on the exterior model has to be done, work on the cockpit of the
This developement is also a test for the upcoming [[EC135]]/635-project, which will also have a detailed and accurate cockpit with photorealistic textures.
The images for the textures are taken by the former user and developer heliflyer, who was a emergency doctor on [[Bo105]], BK117 and EC135 in Northern Germany.
=== Doctor Who TARDIS ===

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