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FlightGear Newsletter April 2011

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Updated aircraft
[[File:ATR_72-500-cockpit.jpg|thumb|The 3d cockpit of the ATR 72.]]
After a long 5 months, [[User:Skyop|Skyop]] has completed the [[ATR 72-500]], which finally features a complete cockpit and aircraft systems. Highlights include an advanced autopilot, hydraulics system, tiller steering system, an interior cabin, and new documentation. The aircraft has been committed to [[FlightGear and Git|Git]] and will hopefully be available in the next release of [[FlightGear]]. It is now one of the most advanced turboprops for FlightGear, right behind the [[B1900d]].
==== A340-600 ====
Rumour has it that our A340-600 is now completely different... Users will get to see it in next months newsletter.
=== Liveries ===

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