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FlightGear Newsletter April 2011

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RJGG/Chubu Centrair - JAPAN: a new highly detailed airport in FlightGear
Originally a single runway in the middle of the ocean in default FG terrain, have been now developed at a high level of details and realism by Horacio, who has modeled the main terminal (shaped like a "T"), the ATC tower and main hangars sorrounding the airport. A second step considers complete the rest of buildings presents on the island. The terminal and main buildings have been animated with night textures, which complemented with lights and default 3d model airplanes taken from FG package gives the airport a very realistic and fantastic night impression.
[[File:RJGG_night01.png|200px|thumb|right|Chubu night textures]][[File:RJGG_night02.png|200px|thumb|right|Closeup of terminal night windowsjetways and hangars]]
The main windows have been treated using real pictures to get a photorealistic effect of glass reflection, which gives the model a new approach to 3D graphics in FlightGear development that points to a precise and meticulous work to improve the simulation experience and realism in the models used, both aircraft and buildings. With the exception of the photographs used as an effect, all textures have been developed in a sole and exclusive work from scratch, adding bevels, shadows, lights, noise, color equalization and many other effects to get realism in each textures used.
Details of development and future updates can be followed on the [ topic] specially created on [ forum]. The airport models and terrain will be available in a few days for to be downloaded in [ Horacio's hangar], and later available on FG models database.
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