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Howto:Build your own procedure trainer

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The Components
The main components are:
* A PC with a 2GHz Athlon, 1.5GB RAM, 100GB HD and a nVidia 7950 graphics card. This is the work horse and the main FlightGear computer.
* A second PC, a former diskless "thin client". It has a 1GHz Athlon CPU, 512MB RAM and I replaced the builtin 256MB compact flash memory with a 4GB microdrive from my old iPod mini which was unusable due to it's its dead battery. The only new item is a nVidia 6xxx graphics card which sits now it in the PC's only PCI slot. This PC drives the panel displays.
'''Update''': after the microdrive died, this PC does not have a drive anymore and boots over the network. Even simpler.
* Two 15" TFT 1280x1024 displays (for a few EURO at ebay) were stripped from their chassis and serve as the panel displays.

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