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Northrop B-2 Spirit

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Robot: Cosmetic changes
== Aircraft help ==
# Release parking brake
# Apply full throttle (assuming that you are at the start of the runway).
# Over 20000ft climb with 2000ft/m (above 30000ft 1000ft/m).
# Open fuel hatch (o).
# Apply 1 step spoilers (k).
# If filled, release and close fuel hatch.
# Use spoilers to decelerate/ cut throttle.
# Below 230kts extract gears.
# Touchdown at 160 to 140kts (with little fuel 130kts).
We have 5 flymodes now to control this plane. They aid you in most situations, so just click on the flymode desired (clickable buttons at top left) and it should be highlighted indicating that it is active. Basically we have 2 flymodes in air: FL (manual flight) and AP (autopilot)(AS similar to AP), and 2 special modes for ground interaction: TO and LA.

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