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Consultez également : [[Aircraft]], [[Howto: Multiplayer|Multiplayer Help]], [[Installing Scenery]], and [[Flying the Helicopter]].
'''Cette FAQ n'a pas été mise à jour de manière significative depuis 2006.'''<br/>
''' Vous êtes donc invité à faire des ajouts, des changement ou des corrections.'''
=== How current is the data in FlightGear compared to the real world? ===
We use the same navaid and airport dataset that X-Plane uses. The current dataset can be found in the [[$FG_ROOTFG ROOT]]/Navaids/ and [[$FG_ROOTFG ROOT]]/Airports/ directories. If you have updates or corrections to the dataset, see for instructions on contacting the database maintainer.
=== Where is the moving map? ===
Occasionally you may see FlightGear for sale on auction sites or commercial websites under some other name. This can be done quite legitimately as long as the terms of the license are upheld and might be worth the cost if some value-added features such as additional scenery, aircraft or after-sale support are included. Unfortunately, most cases seen to date appear to be just someone trying to make money selling something that is free and providing no real added value.
===How can I get started with FlightGear===
FlightGear [[FlightGear 1.0.0|version 1.0]] can be downloaded at [ Download Central], but most [[aircraft]] need to be separately downloaded [ Here] and installed manually (see also [[FlightGear 1.0 default aircraft]]). Be aware of system requirements! Also, check out [[New to FlightGear]].
== Running ==
=== Why do I get an error loading ===
With the default installation, is installed into /usr/local/lib. You need to ensure that that path is listed in /etc/, then run `ldconfig`as root.
An alternative approach using PPE is described at by Norman Vine.
With Flightgear 0.9.10 there is an easy way for [[ Placing 3D Objects with the UFO ]]
See also [[ FlightGear Scenery Designer ]].
=== Where can I learn 3D programming and how do I get involved? ===
Contributing to the 2D panel doesn't require any coding at all, just a minimal knowledge of [[XML]] syntax (i.e. five minutes' worth) and good skills with drawing and/or paint programs. Every instrument on the current panel, with the partial exception of the magnetic compass, is defined entirely in XML with no custom C++ code. If you want to get started, take a look at John Check's excellent intro (
=== How do I add an airport? ===
You can add your airport to the [[$FG_ROOTFG ROOT]]/Airports/default.apt.gz file, but to get the airport to show up visually, you will have to rebuild the scenery around the airport. The format of the default.apt file is documented at
=== How do I generate my own scenery? ===
=== Why won't my engine(s) start? ===
====Starting engine in single-engine aircraft====
Aircraft vary in their starting procedure. Some may have an auto-start sequence menu entry or instructions in the aircraft help menu (Press "?").
# Press "s" to run the starter. For some aircraft you may have to hold "s" as long as 10 seconds before the engine starts.
====Starting engine in multi-engine aircraft====
Starting all engines in a multi-engine aircraft is similar to the single engine--except you must follow the same start sequence for each and every engine. Flightgear provides a convenient way to do this for all engines at once.
# Rev the engines a little with your throttle and check your tachometers and/or visually to be sure all engines are running.
Si les moteurs ne démarrent pas, assurez-vous que vous avez du carburant. Certains avions disposent de commutateurs pour contrôler quel réservoir de carburant alimente l'avion, donc vérifiez-les.
Make sure each engine you want to start is connected to a tank that has fuel. Check fuel tanks in the menu Equipment/Fuel and Payload.
=== Où puis-je apprendre le vol et la navigation aux instruments ? ===
=== Is there support for any military scenarios like dog fighting or bomb dropping? ===
Most of our developers are primarily interested and focused on civilian aviation. We aren't explicitly excluding these features -- we just haven't had anyone who has done much development in these areas until recently. Now there are third-party bombing scenarios for the [[A-10]] and other aircraft with armament, like the [[North American OV-10A Bronco]], [[General Dynamics F-16]] and [[F-117 Nighthawk]].
[ A new add-on (9/2009)] adds support for dogfighting (including multiplayer dogfighting) and bombing scenarios.

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