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Building FlightGear - Debian

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*libboost1.37-dev (min 1.37, 1.40 available for Lenny on backports.debian.org)
During installation package ''simgear-dev'' '''must not''' be installed. It can safely be re-installed after compilation. Same for ''openscenegraph-dev'', if you're using a version other than differnt to that in the Debian repository.
== Build and install ==
Because we are going to install versions different to the ones in the repositries repositories it is recommended to install FG-2.2.0 and/or GIT in a place independent to the base system such as /usr/local/FG-2.2.0, /opt/FG-2.2.0 or in a subdirectory of your $HOME. I suggest to make it writeable by the user that there is no need to become root for the <code>make install</code> commands. I'll use <code>$prefix</code> as a placeholder for this directory. <BR>Another one will be <code>$srcdir</code>, it stands for the absolute path to the directory which is supposed to keep the folders of the various source codes. So , in the following instructions , you have to replace these with the local paths or even <code>export</code> them during the process.  Follow the instructions listed below to fetch the sources and the data needed by FlightGear and the commands to build/install each source.
Have in mind that the data is a relatively large download (GIT about 3.5 GB and 2.2.0 300 MB). So, to save some time, it is a good idea to fetch it while building the sources.

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