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Scripted Compilation on Linux Debian/Ubuntu

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Download: Updated link to download script in GIT repo
You can download the script here: [[:File:Download_and_compile.sh]]<!-- [http://assistenzawww.larasrlgitorious.netorg/fg/fgmeta/blobs/brisaraw/fgfsmaster/download_and_compile.sh download_and_compile.sh] -->
The script is hosted on maintained in the FlightGear main repository. Remember to update this script whenever a home servernew FlightGear version is released, so if the electricity goes down or internet connection fails, that you will 'll be not able to download it directly. If all else fails, join the [[FlightGear IRC channel]] and ask for the download_and_compile.sh script. Someone there will be likely to provide it to youlatest stable revision.
There is also another option for building FG and all its dependencies in an automated fashion, please refer to: http://geoffmclane.com/fg/fgfs-052.htm

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