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Boeing 787

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12/24/10 release
|name =Boeing 787-8
|type =Airliner
|livery =ANA, Air Canada, Continental, LAN, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, Dreamliner (Both), Continental Airlines, Aeroflot, United Airlies (Pre-merger), Japan Airlines
|fdm =YASim
|status = Released, Development
|authors =Josh Wilson and [[User:Nickyivyca|Nickyivyca]]
|fgname =787
|download =
== Development ==
[[File:787 tailstrike.png|thumb|right|The tailstrike effect]]
=== FDM ===
* Engines down from 90500 to 66500 lbs of thrust* Cruise Approach speed down to 488.* Cruise alt up to 37000* Slightly adjusted weight.* Repositioned hstab is now 130 KIAS and vstab, eliminated elevator spazz8% fuel.* Adjusted approach from 120 and aoa at 7 to 150 and aoa at .5* Added pushback thruster* Added 6 adjustable weights-crew, first class, business class, economy class, front cargo, and rear cargo* Slowed down flap extension rate-from 5 seconds 0-full to 40 seconds 0-full.* Improved fuselage model in the FDM for better drag realism* Changed engine fuel consumption data* Service ceiling is closer to around 43000 nowfeet.* Multiple geometry wing.* Spoiler script using each wing separately.* Modified reverse thrust script.
=== Models ===
* Pushback modeladded
* Gear smoke (from 777)
* Contrails added
* HUDs for captain, cockpit operate independently.
* Added copilot view.
* Switches some buttons to pick animations. Some also operate with clicking with left mouse button and clicking on the wheel for coarse switch, and scroll wheel on the mouse for fine tuning.
=== Other ===
* Autopilot is from CRJ-200 in current link, another is in development but is not ready for normal usehas been updated to smooth out control surface transitions.* [http://wwwliveries.mediafireflightgear.comorg/download/paintkits/6.php?aa41qw8e24b6qp1 zip Paintkit in separate link.]
=== To-do ===

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