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AI Systems

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== ATC/AI ==
The [[ATCAir traffic control|Air Traffic Control]] system simulates interaction between the user and a number of AI controlled cessna and piper aircraft. This system can be controlled using the GUI from within FlightGear. The ATC/AI system is no longer maintained and marked for deprecation. Recent reports have indicated that the ATC/AI system may be causing numerical computation problems in some cases, resulting in a flurry of NaN warning messages on the FlightGear console. If you experience this, you might consider shutting down the ATC/AI system
For airports with a tower frequency, if that frequency is tuned in to your radio, you may contact ATC.
== AI Models ==
Starting with FlightGear version 0.9.4 you can place AI objects in the "FlightGear world". In version 0.9.4 the AI objects can be defined in the preferences.xml file, or in an airplane's *-set.xml file. In later versions they are defined in a "scenario file" only. The types of AI objects you can have are airplanes, ships, thunderstorms, thermals/sinks, static and ballistic objects. AI objects have some things in common: The have a location in the "FlightGear world", they can have an associated exterior 3D model, and they can move according to an internal [[Flight Dynamics Model|FDM]] (flight dynamics model). As of now, these objects are created at simulator start-up by adding some XML code to a scenario file. The scenario file must be in the data/AI directory. You select which scenario files you want to use by naming it in the preferences.xml file. The preferences.xml file has an entry that looks like this (FlightGear versions newer than 0.9.4, including CVS):
=== Traffic Manager controlled traffic ===
{{Main article|Interactive Traffic}}
Traffic Manager controlled input to the AIModels subsystem is also known as [[Interactive traffic|Interactive Traffic]].
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