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Boeing 787

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9/18/10 release
|name =Boeing 787-8
|type =Airliner
|livery =ANA, Continental, First Choice,LAN,Delta Air Lines,Northwest Airlines,Dreamliner,Continental Airlines, Aeroflot, Air India, Japan Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Malaysia, PrivatAir, Qantas
|fdm =YASim
|status = Released(Currently Undergoing Testing & minor/major model and FDM changes), Development|authors =Josh Wilson and [[User:Nickyivyca|Nickyivyca]]
|fgname =787
|download =http://www.mediafire.com/?ry9b8wi6a33vnf197oo77ky8lbjwkv
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==Current ChangesDevelopment==
[[Image:787 tailstrike.png|thumb|right|The tailstrike effect]]
*Engines down from 90500 to 66500 lbs of thrust
*Cruise speed down to 488.
*Changed engine fuel consumption data
*Service ceiling is closer to 43000 now.
*Multiple geometry wing, development version only
*Spoiler script using each wing separately, development version only
*Pushback model (it rotates when the rudder is turned, but not to the same amount of wheel turn)
*Gear smoke (from 777)
*Contrails added
*Tailstrike spark effect (a modified gear smoke code), not on development version*Smoke associated with tailstrike, not on development versoin*Tailstrike effect on the engines, not on development version
*HUD now is activated only with by clicking on it instead of using FG HUD; it can also be flipped out of the way with middle click.
*Autopilot works with 2.0 successfully in all areas, but may need a bit of tweaking.
*Added "development" version that is the serious development version. Is missing some things and has view problems.
===To-do==*Bring back GPWS callouts=
*Redo cockpit to a real 787 type cockpit (see image linked to below)
*LIVERIES: Make real light files for Air India, Japan Airlines PrivatAir, and Qantas
*Extend fuselage model and make a 787-9, with FDM as well.

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