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FlightGear Newsletter September 2010

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Weather changes
[[File:local_weather_0.85_05.jpg|150px|[ Cumulus and Altocumulus clouds (Local Weather v0.85)]]
[[File:local_weather_0.85_06.jpg|150px|[ Multiple 3d layered clouds (Local Weather v0.85)]]
=== Weather supporting core code ===
[[File:new_weather_dialog.png|150px|right|The new weather dialog]]
The weather supporting core of FlightGear has been modified during the last weeks to better support new weather models like the above mentioned Local Weather system. Data flow between environment systems is now defined in XML config files using welll known syntax and elements from the autopilot. Complex rules using predefined filters and arbitrary expressions can be defined without the need for C++ or Nasal coding.
Along with this patch comes a unified weather settings dialog, combining previous dialogs for weather conditions, scenario, clouds and precipitation. Further plans are to integrate a new real world data source [ NWX], providing METAR, aloft and temperature at altitude.
== Nasal for newbies ==

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