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Laptops known to run FlightGear

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{{Stub}}{{Cleanup}}TODO: create This page is intended to provide a reference for those looking to buy a template presenting information such as:* Type** manufacturer** make/model* specs ** cpu** ram** opengl** sound* required driversnotebook for running FG. Unlike a desktop system, updates/upgrades (firmware/BIOS)* supported OS (Win32, Linuxwhere you can ust plug in a NVidia card and expect things to work, MacOS) & versionlaptops often don't have good OpenGL support.* average framerate The frame-rate quoted below is for the c172 at KSFO with the default startup situation (c172options. E.g. no command-3d @ KSFOline arguments,28R)* possible optimization options selected in the launcher or .fgfsrc file. However, as most people don't run at 800x600, there is also an entry to record the typical frame-rates you see and your typical graphics settings* other relevant comments.
==[[FlightGear 2.0.0]] systems==
!Frame-rate at KSFO
|Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)
|Fullscreen (1920x1080) : 60fps, 30fps @ KSFO 28R with all options onlots of traffic. I usually see 60fps+ elsewhere

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