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FlightGear Newsletter December 2009

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What's new in CVS
==What's new in CVS==
===SoundSystem updates===
In the process of improving FlightGear's soundsystem it is now possible to specify which audio playback device to use. This was introduced for situations where OpenAL didn't play well with PulseAudio on Linux but it is useful for many situations. The selection takes place in de sound dialog and is effective only after selecting 'apply' (the setting is loaded the next time you start FlightGear again). It is also possible to specify the output device at the command line by specifying: ''--sound-device''. A list of available audio playback devices is listend when running fgfs with ''--show-sound-devices''.
In addition to that the sound dialog has been updated to adjust the volume and specify whether to enable or disable one or all of the following audio groups: ''Master Volume'', ''ATC sounds'','' avionics'' (cockpit sounds), ''Effects'' (aircraft related sound effects) and ''Chatter'' (audio queue events which also include spoken help messages). Both the ATC and avionics group have an extra checkbox to specify if they should be audiable in external views.
==In the hangar==

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