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FlightGear IRC channel

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<!--<span style="color: red">'''The previous IRC network is down for unknown reason those days!!!'''</span><BR>
Not long ago the server we used went down for unknown reason. Its domain (, the one '''''' points to!) is for sale and therefore the guess is, that it will not come online again soon, if ever.<BR>
Atm we are using the backup network ''''''. If you have problems connection to it try one of the listed on
The '''FlightGear IRC''' (Internet Relay Chat) '''channel''' is a chat room related to everything about [[FlightGear]]. It's mostly used by developers, but it is also a good place to ask for help if you are having a question.
The IRC chat has several channels. Unless the server is down, the main discussion takes place on the "main channel":
(List temporary hidden!)
! !! Host !! channel
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