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Dornier Do 335

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{{stub:{{PAGENAME}} {{infobox Aircraft|image =do-335.jpg|name =Dornier Do 335|type = 2-engine piston |livery =|fdm =YASim|status =|authors = Emmanuel Baranger (3D/FDM), Pierre Geoffroy (FDM)|fgname =do335, do335-yasim|download =}}The '''Dornier Do 335''' was a twin engined [[:Category:Military aircraft|fighter]] [[aircraft]], in pusher-pull configuration (engines at nose and tail)that saw limited service in the Luftwaffe in the later years of WWII.__TOC__</br>----{{cquote|770 Km / h the speed that no contemporaries aircrafts of Do 335 could reach. Fortunately, once again this airplane did not have time to reach the front lines. But what machine!|The FlightGear Do 335 developer Emmanuel Baranger at []}}
A surviving Do 335 is exhibited at the [[National Air and Space Museum]].
{{Dornier}}== Aircraft help ==
{| class="keytable"! Key !! Function|-| {{key press|d}}| Open/Close canopy|-| {{key press|Shift|D}}| Open/Close valves|-| {{key press|e}}| Guns fire|}  === Liveries === The Do 335 supports [[Category:AircraftLivery over MP|livery selection]]between:*''Default'' - (green without shapes and Luftwaffe signs; see picture in the infobox)*''Do335'' - (green like ''Default'' but with shapes, structure and signs; see file below)*''Neutral'' - (raw metall, non painted; with shapes and structure)  ==Speed and weight== {|class="prettytable"|-! Maximum speed | 478 mph (770 km/h) | at 21,000 ft (6400 m)|-! Cruising speed| 426 mph (685 km/h) | at 23,295 ft (7100 m)|-! Service ceiling| | 37,400 ft (11400 m)|} {|class="prettytable"|-! Weight empty |16,314 lbs (7400 kg) |-! Maximum take-off weight | 21,164 lbs (9600 kg)|}  [[CategoryFile:Historical aircraftDo 335 in flight.png|600px|[[Dornier Do 335]]near Bremen]] ''[[Category:Military aircraftDornier Do 335]]near Bremen''  == External links == * [] 3D preview* {{wikipedia|Dornier Do 335}} {{Dornier}}[[Categoryde:Twin Engine PistonDornier Do 335]]

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