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TerraGear GUI

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The folders and files in the <tt>Output/</tt> directory are ready to use scenery. You can set the scenery path of FlightGear to this directory to check if the scenery is generated correctly.
==GUI development==
The GUI will undergo a large rebuild. Feel free to add feature requests and/or bug reports.
===Requested features===
* --tile-id option in fgfs-construct, to easily generate just one tile which can be used for fast scenery in-cooperation.
* A larger list or maybey a dropdown menu with the ogr-decode tool to select shapefiles and material mappings. Right now it's very hard and takes a long time to search through the list for the correct shapefiles/materials.
* Materials (in fgfs-construct) in alphabetical order.
* Ability to select multiple (non linear) folders using the Ctrl key (so not selecting everything between click and click, but just the folders I click).
* Resizable dialogs.
* A topmenu showing all the tools, so there's no need to return to the mainmenu every time you continue to the next step.
* Creating automatically all needed folders for shapefiles and the decoded ones
* Maybe error reports possible? So you get a message when a certain file isn't found, or a certain path isn't set. Right now it only appears in the console, but it's hard to read the fast scrolling text.
===Bug reports===
* Decoding with points width gives no output.
* Just using airport ICAO in genapts gives no output.
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