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This generally means that the server is at it's capacity. You should receive a message saying such, but your FTP client may be hiding it from you. Your options are to keep trying until a slot opens up or try connecting to one of our FTP mirrors listed at
=== Where can I find the latest development source Où puis-je trouver le dernier codesource de développement ? ===
The latest development code is available for everyone through our CVS repository. See for details.
Otherwise, you can get relatively up-to-date snapshots of the development tree at
=== What is Qu'est-ce que SimGear, and why do I need itet pourquoi en ai-je besoin ? ===
[[SimGear]] is a library of supporting code. SimGear is only needed if you plan on compiling FlightGear -- it is not needed to run precompiled binaries. For more information see Note: When compiling FlightGear it is very important to have the matching version of SimGear.
{{main article|Building Flightgear}}
=== Why won't Pourquoi est-ce que FlightGear ne compilepas ? ===
Well, that depends. First make sure you are using the appropriate versions of FlightGear, [[SimGear]], plib, zlib. If any of the packages are out of sync with the others, compilation may fail. See also [[Building FlightGear]]
The scenery archive files (ie. w100n30.tar.gz) should be untarred into the Scenery/Terrain directory in your $FG_ROOT.
=== How do I setup my Comment configurer mon joystick(s)? ===
FlightGear should come with a helpful program called `fgjs` that can help configure your joystick. Run `fgjs` and then copy the dot file it created into your home directory or add its contents to your existing rc file.
== Hacking ==
=== What language is En quel langage informatique est écrit FlightGear written in? ===
Mostly C++ with some supporting C code that's primarily contained within SimGear.
If you want a simpler FDM to work with, try your hand at [[YASim]], an alternative FDM. For an guide on creating a YASim aircraft, look in the FlightGear base package for Aircraft-yasim/README.yasim.
=== How do I import planes from Comment importer des avions à partir de Microsoft Flight Simulator? ===
You can import planes by using the 3D Convert utility which will convert
If you wish to import a model made with gmax, you will need to convert it to .MDL format using Microsoft's MakeMDL SDK which is available at
=== How do I import Comment importer des scènes BGL scenery from de Microsoft Flight Simulator? ===

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