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Suggested software

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Scenery and Airport Editing
* [ Taxidraw]
* [[FlightGear Scenery Designer]] ([ Project Site]) is an OpenSource interactive program that allow its user to design custom sceneries for the FlightGear flight simulator project.
* [ TerraGear] is a collection of open-source tools and rendering libraries which can transform publically available GIS? data in 3d representations (i.e. 3d models or 3d maps) of the earth for use in real time rendering projects. Terragear can import 3d data sets such as DEM terrain grids, 2d polygon data sets such as coastlines, city outlines, lake outlines, and 2d raster data sets such as the 1km NAOO land use/land cover data. It also has tools for generating realistic airports, runways, and lighting based on available FAA? data. <br/> See [[Building Terragear]] for a walkthrough on the scenery building process.
==== Other ====
* fgadmin

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