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FlightGear Newsletter August 2009

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Welcome to the second edition of the FlightGear Newsletter.
Welcome to the second edition of the FlightGear Newsletter.  The newsletter is still a bit thin on contributions, so if you'd like to contribute, please feel free to log onto the wiki and start editing the next edition [[FlightGear Newsletter September 2009| here]]. We're still looking for a permanent (or even a temporary) newsletter editor, so if you'd like to get involved, have a look on the [ Forums].
==What's New in CVS==
There's a new aircraft in the CVS hangar - the [ PA 22-160 Tri Pacer]. Created by Robert Leda (aka erobo) and Pawel Luchowski, this is a lovely GA aircraft and well worth having a flight in. If you enjoy VFR cross-country flying, or even simple IFR, and want to try something different to the Cessna 172, this is the plane for you.
The level of detail is very impressive - you must prime to start the engine (making sure the mixture is set), the sound varies depending on whether you've got the window open, and the doors slam shut. All in all, it's a great polished aircraft, and a fine addition to the hanger.
The FG CVS hangar now has a very wide range of Piper aircraft, from the simple Cub, through the Cherokee Warrior II, Comanche 250, to the Seneca II. It is worth noting that the Warrior, Comanche and Seneca are all based on airframes flown by FG contributors in real life.
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