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FlightGear Newsletter August 2009

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Welcome to the second edition of the FlightGear Newsletter.
This is currently a workspace for the current edition, with titles copied from the [[FlightGear Newsletter July 2009]]. Please feel free to add content etc. The aim is to complete this issue by the end of July, and publish it at the start of August.
We're still looking for a permanent (or even a temporary) newsletter editor, so if you'd like to get involved, have a look on the [ Forums].
The wiki provides now a new article for aspiring core developers about extending the built-in Nasal scripting interpreter with custom extension functions: [[Howto:Extending Nasal]].
The [[Nasal scripting language|Nasal documentation]] itself has been slightly reworked to provide a step by step introduction for users completely new to scripting or programming in general.
Suggestions of how to get involved in the community and help make FG even better.
==In the Hangar==
The FG CVS hangar now has a very wide range of Piper aircraft, from the simple Cub, through the Cherokee Warrior II, Comanche 250, to the Seneca II. It is worth noting that the Warrior, Comanche and Seneca are all based on airframes flown by FG contributors in real life.
==Fly Somewhere New==
Details of interesting flights. Might best be a link to another page on the wiki
==Useful Links==

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