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FGCom (before 3.0)

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*offering additional services at an airport like [[Air traffic control|ATC]], [[Vehicle|Snowplows, Pushbacks]], [[FlightGear Race|Racing-Events]] etc.
*have a [[Dual control|real time flighttraing]] (e.g. pilot in Hongkong, teacher in Sydney) or do [[Soaring|Glider-towing]] or just ask for on-line support during flight or just ask somebody flying a plane of interest about specifics
*or e.g. just sit in a cockpit e.g. in Germany while sightseeing San Francisco in a C172, voice-chatting with a Texan in a plan plane I dreamed of as a boy (Super Constellation), and both getting informations from a New Zealand guy (it shall be a wonderful island – but do real people live there? He said: Yes!!).
You can even use it in models without radios - just use the standard FlightGear menu --> Equipment --> Radio Settings.<br>

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