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Changelog 2020.3

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* To provide a developer preview, the [[Compositor]] renderer is included as part of this release. It provides a fully XML-configurable multi-pass rendering pipeline that is compatible with ALS and includes clustered shading.
* Support for DDS Texture Cache, improving loading times for texture files.
* Make Star visibility is configurable based on magnitude of star cutoff controllable at runtimeand atmospheric conditions.
* Use of non-directional point sprites as a fallback for drivers that do not support triangles of point sprites is now supported by setting <code>/rendering/triangle-directional-lights=false</code>.
* A new Tower AGL view has been added. This is similar to Tower View, except that it keeps both the aircraft and the ground immediately below the aircraft in view, zooming and panning smoothly as the aircraft moves. Good for viewing landings.

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