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Changelog 2020.3

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Updates from feedback from the -devel list.
* <code>--disable-hold-short</code> option which allows the user to force a start on the runway when multiplayer is enabled. This option should be used with caution - it can give other pilots and ATC a nasty fright to find an aircraft materialize on the runway!
* Support for recording multiplayer data
== Replay / Flight Recorder ==
* Multiplayer recording.
== Nasal Scripting ==
== Aircraft ==
* FG1000 Glass Panel improvements include user-configurable VFR transponder codes, volume controls, new fascia, UI is now resizeable, support for custom SVG files (e.g. for a G500). The FG1000 is now available on the Cessna 182T, J3 Cub, Diamond DA40.
* Improved glider vario instrument.
* New Aircraft:
** Airbus A320 - airliner
** Alisport Silent2Electro - glider with electric sustainer motor
** Bombarier Bombardier Q400 DHC8-402 - shorthaul turboprop airliner
** Breguet Atlantic BR 1150 - long-range maritime patrol aircraft
** Cessna 140 - GA aircraft

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