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FlightGear Newsletter October 2020

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Development news: + Virtual FSWeekend Hackathon 2020
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=== Virtual FSWeekend Hackathon 2020 ===
Normally in mid-November a group of FlightGear enthusiasts participate in FSWeekend at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands. Over the years this has been a focal point for both finishing existing development/releases and a catalyst for new ideas in FlightGear, as well as an opportunity for FlightGear enthusiasts to share a beer. FSWeekend 2020 was cancelled, so to keep the spirit alive, we are planning to hold a [[Virtual FSWeekend Hackathon 2020|Virtual FSWeekend Hackathon]] on the weekend of 14/15 November.
For details on how to register for participation, see [[Virtual FSWeekend Hackathon 2020#Sign up]].
== New software tools and projects ==

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