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Changelog 2020.3

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* The <code><integrator></code> filter can now be reset to 0.0 by setting its <code><trigger></code> property to a negative value.
* The integration scheme of the <code><integrator></code> filter can now be chosen among <code>rect</code> (Euler), <code>trap</code> (Trapezoidal), <code>ab2</code> (2nd order Adams-BashForth) and <code>ab3</code> (3rd order Adams-Bashforth)
* The following functions can now be used in <code><function></code>: <code>floor</code>, <code>ceil </code> and <code>fmod</code>. Their functionalities are the same than the corresponding C/C++ functions.* <code><function></code> now checks the number of its arguments.
* New system component linear_actuator
* Bug fix of Euler angles computations in FGMatrix33
* Code cleanup and use more C++11 idioms (override, constexpr, range-based for loop, etc.)
* The existence of the property that is used for table independent vars is now checked during execution rather than when the XML definition is parsed. This relaxes the order in which filters, table and more generally flight controls need to be declared in the XML definition files.
* Functions <code><random/></code> and <code><urandom/></code> are no longer considered constant.* <code><clipto type="cyclic"></code> now clips negatives values correctly.
* Fixed the artificial displacements resulting from modifications of the mass distribution while the aircraft is sitting on ground
* Electric engines RPM is now exported in UDP sockets.
* The sign of the XZ inertia has been fixed in the property <code>inertia/ixz-slug_ft2</code>. was just an output error, the correct XZ inertia was used internally* The parameter <code><ignitionn2></code> now affects N2 rather than N1. * A warning is now given when max < min in a <code><clipto></code> rather than throwing an exception* Added the ability to log properties in a CSV file with the new fgfs executable argument <code>--jsbsim-output-directive-file</code>
* Fixed uninitialized variables in FGPiston which could randomly generate invalid floating point values that would propagate to many places in JSBSim.
* Fixed a segfault occuring when changing the LOD ranges with a JSBSim aircraft

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