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Changelog 2020.3

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* Control initial gear state directly by setting <code>/fdm/yasim/respect-external-gear-state=true</code>, rather then YASim settings this depending on whether the aircraft is in the air or on the ground.
* Electric engines are now supported.
== Weather and Environment ==
* Increased turbulence will be encountered near active volcanoes.
* Configurable METAR URL.
* METAR strings are decoded and displayed in a human-readable form in the weather dialog.
== Carriers ==
* Users may enable/disable the pilot model from the View Options dialog.
* FG1000 Glass Panel improvements include user-configurable VFR transponder codes, volume controls, new fascia, UI is now resizeable, support for custom SVG files (e.g. for a G500)
* Improved glider vario instrument.
* New Aircraft: HU-16A-Albatross, LS8, Embraer-ERJ-145, Cessna 208B Caravan, PZL 104 wilga 2000 Draco, Scheibe Bergfalke, Taurus, f16, Dornier Do 28 Skyservant, Petliakov Pe 8 (Ant 42/DB 7), Grumman F.11 Tiger
* Major Updates: CRJ700, Dragonfly, Mirage 2000, Jaguar GR1, H4 Hercules, JA37, Supermarine Swift, A320, Cirrus-SR22, Cessna Citation, J3Cub,

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