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Post FlightGear 2020.2 LTS changes

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=== Canvas ===
{{See also|Unifying the 2D rendering backend via canvas}}
* currently osgText doesn't work under the ALS pipeline. <ref></ref> one issue that seems to occur in a few places is missing text elements on cockpit devices ... We all know the issue of osgText not working in OSG &gt; 3.4.2 for text-animations <ref></ref> We need to find a migration solution for osgText that works with Compositor and newer OSG versions <ref></ref> ... another option was creating a Canvas for each text animation, but creating a FBO for every small piece of text doesn't sound very performance-friendly. <ref></ref> We need to find some way to approximate with the old OSG text did<ref></ref>
* [[Canvas_News#2D_Panels|Remove the 2D panel code in favour of Canvas]] (this requires completing some work to load 2D panel elements as Canvas, from XML) <ref></ref> (as of 06/2020, Gaétan Allaert is still working on the replacement of the 2D panel by canvas <ref></ref>) {{Progressbar|60}}<ref></ref>
* Remove the C++ HUD in favour of Canvas-based version: this requires some kind of migration script or framework, so we have at least the default UFO HUD available <ref></ref>

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