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Minor changes; +related: Commonly used debugging tools#Console and startup log output
* <code>alert</code>
* <code>popup</code>
And <code>class</code> is a white space seperate seperated list of any (combination) of the following:
* <code>all</code>
* <code>ai</code>
* <code>enviroment</code>
* <code>flight</code>
* etc. See  For a complete list of available classes, see {{simgear file|simgear/debug/debug_types.h}} for the complete list of available classes.
If you are interested in simply logging certain properties to a file at runtime, you can use either FlightGear's built-in [[Logging properties|logging framework]], or the [[generic protocol]].
== Related content ==
=== Wiki articles ===
* [[Command line options#Debugging Options]]
* [[Commonly used debugging tools#Console and startup log output]]
== External links ===== Source files code ===
* {{simgear file|simgear/debug/logstream.cxx}}
* {{simgear file|simgear/debug/logstream.hxx}}

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