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Canvas EFIS Framework

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Class EFIS: Fix for duplicated parameters in the {{Nasal doc}} template.
|param1 = ctrl
|param1text = property path to integer prop, e.g. some selector knob in the cockpit
|param1 param2 = mappings|param1text param2text = vector of display mappings, one mapping per value of ctrl|param1 param3 = callback|param1text param3text = optional function that will be called with current ctrl value
|param1 = selected
|param1text = property (node or path); source number (index to sources vector)
|param1 param2 = target|param1text param2text = property (node or path); DU number to which the source will be mapped|param1 param3 = sources|param1text param3text = optional vector; selected -> source ID (as returned by addSource), defaults to all registered sources
|param1text = Index of display
== Class EFISCanvas ==

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