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Virtual Planet Builder

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*** ... which requires the sqlite3.11 or above development package (on linux - 'sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev')
Note that GDAL and PROJ do not use cmake, so you need to run "it builds in the source directory as follows: ./configure -prefix=/path/to/install" in the source directory before make
VPB is built using cmake e.g.
cmake -DOSG_DIR=/path/to/OSG/install /path/to/VPB/src make
== Getting Landcover Data ==
Here are the options I've used:
./bin/osgdem --geocentric -t /home/stuart/FlightGear/VPB/data/CORINE/u2018_clc2018_v2020_20u1_raster100m/DATA/U2018_CLC2018_V2020_20u1.tif -d /home/stuart/FlightGear/VPB/data/SRTM90/srtm_36_01.tif -e -5 54 -2 56 --PagedLOD -l 5 --RGB-24 -o foo.osgb
* --geocentric because that's what FG uses

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