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{{Stub}}Screenshots of aircraft are used in a number of different ways by the simulator:# As thumbnails of aircraft within the launcher Aircraft page and on the website.# As a gallery of aircraft screenshots within the launcher Aircraft page, which the user can scroll through.# As a background to the launcher Summary page# As a "splash screen" while the simulator is loaded.
== Background =={{non-stable}}As of 02/2017Thumbnails must 171x128 jpgs, James merged named "thumbnail.jpg" in the preview / splash-screen changes to next. This needs an update of Simgear, FlightGear and FGDataaircraft root directory. Next pieces James is planning to work on:
* bright red warning message for unstable / night builds* showing startup hint text to replace the license / website info after N seconds (N = 4 or 5The other 3 uses use a common set of screenshots, probably)* whatever bugs / suggestion people give medefined in the aircraft -set.xml file under <previews>:
The Seneca and B1900d are the current examples for how this works, or try the UFO (or any other aircraft without its own <nowiki> <previews> <preview> <type>cockpit</type> <path>Previews/cockpit_c182t.jpg</path> <splash screens) to see the new layouttype="bool">true</splash> </preview> <preview> <type>exterior</type> <path>Previews/exterior1.jpg</path> <splash type="bool">true</splash> </preview> <preview> <type>exterior</type> <path>Previews/exterior2.jpg</path> <splash type="bool">true</splash> </preview> </previews> </nowiki>
James expects tweaks to the text sizing* <type> can be "cockpit", especially handling of long authors / description strings. Suggestions there welcome. "exterior" or "detail"*<refpath>https://sourceforgeis the path to the .net/p/flightgear/mailman/message/35688639/jpg file* </refsplash>is used to indicate whether the files should be used on the loading screen.
James is working on overhauling the splash screens to include more information and improve the layout. As a result, he needs some new splash-screen assets, so he thought he would ask for contributions!File requirements are as follows:
Criteria: * 1024 x 768 resolution(or at least these proportions - the constant increase in screen resolutions means that 1920x1080 is becoming more prevalent)* no border, text or logo elements (basically a screenshot). Information on the aircraft type and authors is added at runtime by the simulator.* very minimal Minimal post-processing (I won't say noneis preferred, but no graphical effects we so it is a close representation of what the user can't do in the sim, such as blur or lens flare)expect to see.* Preferably only featuring standard scenery and aircraft, no other add-ons* makes the simulator look good :)* variation across the screens - if everyone submits screens of the 707 or Shuttle, I will still only pick one of that aircraft!Currently we have five splash screens, I will pick a similar number (between four and eight) based on what people offer!  <ref>{{cite web |url = |title = <nowiki> New </nowiki> |author = <nowiki> zakalawe </nowiki> |date = Feb 24th, 2017 |added = Feb 24th, 2017 |script_version = 0.40 }}</ref>
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