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In ''modules.nas'' the class ''Module'' is defined.
A module object holds information about the path and filename of the Nasal script and supports unloading and reloading the code at runtime
(e.g. without restarting Flightgear as a whole) by tracking some critical resources like [[Listener|listeners ]] and [[Timers|timers]].
Parts of this functionality where were added to the [[Addons|addons ]] manager earlier and have now been extracted now to avoid code duplication.
=== Differences between add-ons and modules ===
While there are many similarities between add-ons and modules, some words on the differences:
Modules are distributed with Flightgear FlightGear as part of FGDATAFgdata.Add-ons have to be downloaded separatly separately by a flightgear FlightGear user from wherever the author of the add-on publishes the add-on.
Modules can be loaded e.g. by an aircraft if the aircraft developer wants to make use of the module.
Add-ons are selected by the user before launching FlightgearFlightGear, thus they may or may not be available at runtime.
== Nasal modules ==

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