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In FlightGear, PUI dialogs are standard [[PropertyList XML File]]s that are stored in $FG_ROOT/gui/dialogs, they can contain the widgets mentioned in {{readme file|gui}}, using a simple layout engine discussed in {{readme file|layout}}, and bindings using a combination of so called fgcommands operating on properties (see {{readme file|commands}}) and custom [[Nasal]] (FlightGear scripting) code.
In addition, each PUI/XML dialog may contain Nasal script sections that are executed when opening/closing the dialog, a feature which is commonly used for procedurally creating/updating widgets using the [[Nasal_library#cmdarg.28.29|cmdarg() API]], which allows the dialog tree to be traversed and manipulated prior to the dialog being rendered.Widgets can be conditionally hidden/shown using a wrapper for [[Conditions|SGCondition ]] in [[Nasal_library/props|props.nas ]]
The <code>canvas</code> widget also supports its own embedded Nasal code section to execute arbitrary widget specific Nasal code upon opening/closing the dialog/widget.

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