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See the right InfoBox for the Repository, or Download. <u>Remember to rename the aircraft's folder to "IDG-MD-11"</u>.
== In Progress/Completed ==
This list contains items which are working, or have been completed.
* V1.0 Progress: {{progressbar|50}}
* Virtual Cockpit
* Electric System
* Pneumatic System
* Hydraulic System
* Fuel System
* IRS System
* Instruments
* Custom MD-11 FADEC/ATHR
* Custom MD-11 Autopilot
* Custom MD-11 Engine System
* Custom MD-11 Flap System (with Limiter)
* Custom MD-11 LSAS
* Custom EPR Calculation
* Flight Dynamics Engine (JSBsim)
* GE CF6 Engines
* PW4000 Engines
* Canvas Displays
== To Do ==
This list contains items that still need to be done.
* Minor FDM Tuning
* Altitude/Speed Predictions
* Icing
== The Team ==

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