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EchoAir2015 Traveller

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{{:{{PAGENAME}}/info}}The '''EchoAir 2015 Traveller''' is a single-electric-engine, carbon-fiber, 4-seat light This aircraft designed and built by EchoAir Aircraft Company, St Johann.Characteristics of this aircraft are the big windows, the luxury interior and the fact that it has never been built in the real world - it's just a virtual one. == Aircraft help ==To start the engine:-Switch on Battery removed and Alternator switch (the two red ones on the left) <br />-Switch on strobe and navigation light (the third white switch from the left)<br />-Switch on the Engine Master Switch (the red one on the right)<br />-Press the starter switch (right of the Engine Master Switch)<br />-The engine starts - You are ready to go!<br /> [[File:EchoAir2015Panelis no longer available.png|900px|center|The panel of the EchoAir2015 Traveller]] [[De:EchoAir2015_Traveller]]

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