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Scripted Compilation on Linux Debian/Ubuntu

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Apart from its main purpose, <tt></tt> can be used to find hopefully up-to-date build-dependency information for FlightGear and related software. You would do so by inspecting [ the script] at the point where it installs packages.<ref name="note-inspecting-download-and-compile-sh-to-gather-build-dependency-information">Look for strings such as <tt>zlib1g-dev</tt>, <tt>libglew-dev</tt> or <tt>qt5-default</tt>.</ref>
== Prerequisites ==
Before embarking on building your own FlightGear binaries, you must have already installed the necessary tools to compile the source code with. These preliminary tools are
* build-essential
* git
* subversion
* cmake
* automake
They can be installed quite simply by running the following command line.
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential git subversion cmake automake
Once these tools are installed, the script can be run. It will install possibly needed additional tools and libraries as it runs.
== <span id="disk-space-requirements-and-build-time"></span> Disk space requirements and build time ==

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