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MiG-21 Weapons Management

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The Pipper
The pipper's gyro can be disabled by turning the GYRO/MISS switch to MISS (left to gunsight, ca. middle). The pipper will be more stable, but less accurate. The pipper can be damped by pressing down the target lock key ({{Key press|n}}).
The pipper has three major "modes" of operation: automatic, manual, and 300m mode.
'''''300m mode'''''
300m mode is entered by rotating the throttle drum with the {{key press|k}} button all the way to the rear. In this mode, the target distance is assumed to always be 300m, and the angle will be automatically set for the gun. Rotate the span knob to set the desired target wingspan width in meters.
'''''Auto mode'''''
Automatic mode is entered into by not being in 300m mode, and by flipping the AUTO/MAN switch to MAN.
Span still must be set manually.
Distance is taken from either a radar lock, the slant-radar range (if the radar is locked in the forward position), or if neither is present, the distance is assumed to be 600m.
The pipper correction angle is set automatically via the position of the GUN/LAUNCH and SHOOT/BOMB switches. If SHOOT/BOMB is set to BOMB, the pipper attempts to help with bomb releases (this is not CCIP or CCRP, and is not accurate). If SHOOT/BOMB is set to SHOOT, and GUN/LAUNCH is set to GUN, the pipper angle will adjust to the correct angle for the [ GSh-23]. If it is set to LAUNCH, it will adjust the angle depending on which armament position is selected on the weapons panel (S-5, S-24, or missiles).

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