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Template:Canvas Frameworks

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* [[Canvas Wrappers]]
{{Informative template|1=__NOTOC__== Goal ==This template shows either a summary of the progress status of certain [[CategoryCanvas]] frameworks, or a list of == Usage ==<!-- Description of how to use the template --> {{obr}}'''Canvas Frameworks''' {{!}}''mode=''{{!}}''year=''{{cbr}} ; mode:Undocumented Either:; by-year:: Will show the status of some of the Canvas frameworks:; detailed:: Not implemented:; navbar:: Will show a list of links to articles about different frameworks and related articles: Defaults to '''by-year'''. ; year: Status by year if '''mode''' is '''by-year'''. Defaults to '''2013'''. == Examples == {{obr}}Canvas Frameworks{{cbr}}{{Canvas Frameworks}}  {{obr}}Canvas Frameworks {{!}}mode=by-year{{cbr}}{{Canvas Frameworks|mode=by-year}}  {{obr}}Canvas Frameworks {{!}}mode=navbar{{cbr}}{{Canvas Frameworks|mode=navbar}} == Related templates==* {{tl|Canvas Navigation}} }} [[Category:Templates]]

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