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Moyes Dragonfly

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Airspeed indicator
Basic flying features are quite simple and almost perfect as a starter for pilots. Takeoff and landing is simple and due to it's slow flying speed, the Dragonfly is perfect for scenery exploration.
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=== Instrumentation ===
The airspeed indicator gauge can be configured to display either km/h, mph or kts by setting the property '''/instrumentation/airspeed-indicator/texture''' to either
* Airspeed-kmh.rgb
* Airspeed-mph.rgb
* Airspeed-kts.rgb
This can be done on startup as a command line switch or at runtime by setting the property with the [[Property browser]].
Example: Use airspeed indicator calibrated in KTS:
''fgfs --aircraft=Dragonfly --prop:/instrumentation/airspeed-indicator/texture=Airspeed-kts.rgb''
=== Banner towing ===

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