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FlightGear Newsletter June 2019

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Scenery corner
== Scenery corner ==
<!-- Scenery development news -->
=== Belgium ===
The Belgian scenery development is back on track !
'''''Need to add a fancy and very fat screenshot representing this scenery. (feel free to add somethings very fat !)'''''
The scenery development of Belgium started around 2011 and stalled around 2013. Some parts of this external scenery has been pushed to TerraSync in 2015. But since 2015 nothing has been improved in TerraSync.
The author of the Belgian scenery is a great fan of ULM's, GA and helicopters. No wonder that he focus on little airfields. However, he currently work back on the massive EBBR (Brussels Airport).
Actually, most of the Belgian airports got a technical update, to match the current FlightGear requirements. (mind the elevation data, airport accuracy, optimizing of objects and textures, adding shared models to fill up the airfields...).
Some airfields, so far EBBL and EBSW, got a serious lifting since 2013 and needs testers before these data get pushed to the TerraSync server. Much more will come very soon.
Those who love military stuff would love EBBL. The EBBL military airbase is completely photo realistic textured and require a special attention to testers! This airfield is in FGFS is build like how it is in real life !
'''We need testers ! Volunteers who test and report issues on: https://github.com/dvanmosselbeen/flightgear-belgian-custom-scenery/issues before the scenery get pushed to the TerraSync server.'''
'''The current status''':
* EBAL - Aalst Hospital helistrip. (Comming soon - Blender draft model only)
* EBAV - Avernas (100% done)
* EBAW - Antwerp Deurne (60% done - Basic textures)
* EBBE - Bauchevain (40% done - Only placed my generic hangar bunker but that fill up a lot of blanc spaces on this airbase).
* EBBL - Kleine-Brogel (98% done)
* EBBR - Brussels Airport (75% done - Bloatware region - Also look to all these buildings in Brussels and landmark).
* EBBY - Baisy-Thy (100% done)
* EBBZ - Buzet (100% done)
* EBCF - Cerfontaine (100% done)
* EBCI - Brussels South (Charleroi) (40% done - very basic texturing)
* EBFN - Koksijde (25% done - Base blocs only)
* EBFS - Florennes (25% done - Base blocs only)
* EBGB - Grimbergen (100% done)
* EBGG - Geraarsbergen Overboelare (Airport layout only - TaxiDraw)
* EBLE - Sanicole (Airport layout only - TaxiDraw)
* EBLN - Liernu (Airport layout only - TaxiDraw)
* EBOS - Oostende (80% done)
* EBSG - St. Ghislain (100% done)
* EBSL - Zutendaal (Airport layout only - TaxiDraw)
* EBSP - Spa (Airport layout only - TaxiDraw)
* EBSW - Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (Heliport) (100% done)
* EBTY - Tournai Maubray (100% done)
* EBZW - Zwartberg (Airport layout only - TaxiDraw)
For the full list of improved airports with screenshots, see: https://github.com/dvanmosselbeen/flightgear-belgian-custom-scenery/wiki/Airports-list
Follow, download and contribute to it's development on: https://github.com/dvanmosselbeen/flightgear-belgian-custom-scenery/wiki
If any Belgian has contacts with local pilots or airfield employees, or have usable information, feel free to contact David Van Mosselbeen (david.van.mosselbeen@gmail.com - +32 496 28 38 96).
'''Keep TerraSync in eye !'''
<!-- === Scenery Models === -->

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