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Help:Tracking changes

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'''Tracking changes''' on the wiki is relatively easy. One of the main characteristics of a wiki that like the FlightGear are using the MediaWiki software the FlightGear wiki is using is that the edit revision history of all pages is are preserved and is available to everyone. This allows for very transparent collaboration. As the ''revision history'' of pages is kept, changes can be tracked in various ways. 
== Recent changes ==
[[File:FlightGear wiki recent changes.png|none|frame|Recent changes on the wiki. Only some users have rights to block users.]]
For each row you will see
* A mark indicating for example '''N''' for new pages and '''m''' for minor changes (if the user marked that checkbox when saving his edit of the page)
* The time of the revision (in the time zone set in your preferences (see [[Special:Preferences|Preferences]] link on the top right of every page)
* A link with the title of the page to the revision of the page
* A link "cur" linking to a [[#Diffs|diff]] comparing the revision with the current revision
* A link "prev" linking to a diff comparing the revision with the previous revision
* The number of characters added or removed in the edit
* A link with the name of the user who did the edit linking to his user page
* A link "talk" linking to the users discussion page
* A link "contrib" linking to to a list of the users contributions
* A link to the article section that was edited if the user edited a specific section (click the right arrow)
* The edit summary if the user wrote one
If there is several edits to one page on the same day they are grouped together. They can be shown as separate lines if you click on the triangle.
If there is a huge amount of minor edits you can hide them by clicking ''Hide minor edits'' in the ''Recent changes options'' box at the top of the page.
== Watchlist ==
{{tip|By pressing the ''Show changes'' button when you edit a page you can see your changes as a diff. It can be useful when writing the edit summary.}}
A ''diff'' is comparison showing the differences between two revisions of a page, much like the <code>diff</code> utility in some operating systems. With them you can see what was changed, added or removed in a revision.
A diff page is typically shown with the actual diff at the top of the page and the rendered page as of the latter revision at the bottom of the page.
Start by comparing the revision ''between'' the oldest and newest possible revision with ''its previous'' revision. Then in ''halfway steps'' compare revisions with their previous ones till you find the edit.
This can come in handy for example if you want to discuss a confusing phrasing with the user who added it, if you want to sign an unsigned comment on a discussion page with {{tl|unsigned}}, or if you are an administrator and need to find a specific user due to spam etc.

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