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Template:Infobox aircraft

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Basic support for a 'wikipedia' parameter.
| label42 = {{#if: {{{wikipedia|}}} | Wikipedia}}
| data42 = {{#if: {{{wikipedia|}}} | {{wikipedia|{{{wikipedia}}} }} }}
| data45 = {{#if: {{{note|}}} | {{note|{{{note}}}|width=100%|padding=0px|margin=0px}} }}
| float{{#if:{{{float|}}}||NULL}}
{{!}} ''note'' =
{{!}} ''craft'' =
{{!}} ''wikipedia'' =
{{!}} ''navbar'' =
{{!}} ''navbarlevel'' =
; craft: The craft type, defaulting to {{param||aircraft}}. This can be one of {{param||aircraft}}, {{param||spacecraft}}, {{param||vehicle}}, or {{param||seacraft}}. This will be used to add one of the categories [[:Category:All aircraft]], [[:Category:All spacecraft]], [[:Category:All vehicles]], or [[:Category:All seacraft]] to the page.
; wikipedia: The Wikipedia article corresponding to the craft. This is implemented via the {{tl|wikipedia}} template.
; navbar: If this is set to {{param||1}}, a {{tl|navbar}} element will be added to the very end of infobox. This is very useful when using [[#Translations - using subpages|subpages]]. It will have the form of <code>{{navbar|{{PAGENAME}}|mini=1}}</code>. Note that the navbar will point to pages of the form <code>{{obr}}PAGENAME{{cbr}}/info</code>, excluding the language code part of the page name.

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