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Related content: + 2D panel readme files, as FGPanel readme files is a bit short and FGPanel is based on the 2D panel code
== FGPanel on Raspberry Pi ==
FGPanel has been ported to run on a Raspberry Pi. All what you need is:
* a Raspberry Pi;
* [[ Howto: Build your own procedure trainer]], describes how you can create a "cheap" procedure trainer, making use of FGPanel to draw the instruments.
== External link = Readme files ==* {{flightgear source|utils/fgpanel|text=Source}}
* {{flightgear source|utils/fgpanel/README|text=README}}
* {{flightgear source|utils/fgpanel/README.RPi|text=README.RPi}}
As FGPanel use stripped down for the 2D panels these readme files can also be useful
* {{readme file|xmlpanel}}
* {{readme file|xmlpanel.html}}
=== Source code ===
* {{flightgear source|utils/fgpanel}}
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