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Template:PDF Link

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+doc; cat: Link templates. See also discussion page.
[{{{url|http://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/190-00498-07_0A_Web.pdf}}}#page={{{page|190}}} p.{{{page|190}}}]<noinclude>{{Informative template|1=__NOTOC__== Goal ==This template can be used when you want to link to a an external file and a certain page if that file is a PDF. == Usage == {{obr}}'''PDF link''' {{!}}''url='' {{!}}''page=''{{cbr}} ; url: Link to file. Remember to include the file extension. Defaults to the [http://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/190-00498-07_0A_Web.pdf Garmin G1000 Integrated Flight Deck Pilot's Guide]. ; page: Page number to link to. Defaults to page 190 (Section 5.6, Flight Planning) == Examples ==Examples using different options. == Known issues ==Known issues and workarounds if such are known. == Related templates ==* {{tl|example}} }} [[Category:Link emplates]]</noinclude>

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