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FlightGear Newsletter April 2019

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New aircraft
This is a very detailed model that has been converted to be used in FG. So for now there is a persistent GUI choice that defaults to "low detail" as well as a GUI choice for the Mylar skin (version 2 of the original SUMPAC) which also defaults to off. There are still more interior controls mesh to be added to the model.
==== Silent2Electro ====
The Silent2Electro is a motor glider, powered by a 22 KW electric motor. This aircraft has been added to FGADDON (although is still under development).
==== QSeries ====
The Q400 aircraft has been replaced by the Q400 and now is available in FGADDON:
* Q100 (DHC8-102) --aircraft=q100-jsb
* Q200 (DHC8-202) --aircraft=q200-jsb
* Q300 (DHC8-301) --aircraft=q300-jsb
* Q400 (DHC8-402) --aircraft=q400-jsb
Link to wiki: [[QSeries]]
Please report any bugs or problems you encounter and have fun :)
Special thanks to Alex Park (original DHC8), Florian K (wonderful 3d-model originally for the Q400), it0uchpods (a LOT of help with the FDM, autoflight, canvas and advisory) and to those I forgot ;)
=== Updated aircraft ===
==== 747-400 ====

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