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Howto:Set up a multiplayer server

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Compiling FGMS
* Once the compilation process finishes, you need to install the program using "make install" (as user), or you can also install as root.
* Once the program has been installed, you need to copy the fgms_exampleexample *.conf file files from the /fgms/srccontrib/server etc directory, into the build-fgms directory. To do this from inside the /fgms/srccontrib/server etc directory, you can use e.g. this command: cp ./fgms_examplefgms_local.skel.conf ~/build-fgms/
* Now 'cd' into the build-fgms directory, and rename the file you just copied as "fgms.conf" so that fgms can find the proper configuration.

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