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Changelog 2019.1

683 bytes added, 15:54, 19 March 2019
Added some changes from commit log
== Weather ==
* METAR interpretation: Change CAVOK visibility to 9999.0 metres
* Fix for getting live weather
== JSBSim ==
* The following functions can now be used in <function>: floor, ceil and fmod. Their functionalities are the same than the corresponding C/C++ functions.
* <function> now checks the number of its arguments.
* New system component linear_actuator
* Bug fix of Euler angles computations in FGMatrix33
* Export the fuel density to the property tree
* Added cyclic clipping for FCS components
* Fixed a regression which prevented the wheels rotation speed to slow down while the gears were retracted
* Added the ability to control the turbine engines spin down factor
== Yasim ==
* Yasim ground friction (stiction) changes
== 3D ==
* Support for DDS Texture Cache
* LOD: The scenery ranges for bare and rough are now deltas, to avoid overlapping values by user error.
* Make star cutoff controllable at runtime
== AI ==
* fgcommands "add-aiobject" and "remove-aiobject" for adding/removing objects to the AI subsystem.
== Misc ==
* Change screenshot filename to have date time
* Map dialog draws heliports now
== Footnotes ==

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