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Cessna 182S

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The checklist! If it doesn`t get the speed as you expect, check: Mixture, prop rpm, cowl flaps, icing, engine damaged,... Probably you simply forget to close the cowl flaps.
Another reason could be that you mistake KTAS (Knots True AirSpeed) with KIAS (Knots Indicated AirSpeed). The tables and many publications gives the speeds in KTAS. So you have to read the KTAS-values from your instruments, not the KIAS. How to?- just read below.
''''' Where I can see my True Airspeed (KTAS)?'''''
The Air Speed Indicator has a dial at the upper part of the instrument face. So you simply dial in the pressure altitude in ft via the knob, and align it with the temperature mark just below.
Now you can read your true airspeed in the lower left window of your instrument.
'''''I flew in cold weather, but suddenly crashed because the aircraft slowed down. Where is the carb heat?'''''

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