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FlightGear Newsletter February 2019

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R22- forgot to mention the replay-system
=== Updated aircraft ===
==== R22 ====
The [[Robinson R22|Robinson R22 helicopter]] has been updated by [[User:HHS|HHS]] in [[FGAddon]]. So the turning direction and position of the tailrotor has been fixed, coefficients of gear adjusted and the new "stiction"-tag added which prevents skidding on the ground in idle. All others values matches the original values given in the [ Pilot Operating Handbook]. Also the shaders on the exterior had been fixed. With the now added replay-system you can watch your flight over and over again. The R22-fdm belongs to the more realistic ones in FlightGear-FGAddon, and had been tested successfully in the past by real pilots like the user "rastafioul" and "ranger8" from the forum. The one who can master a Robinson R22, can master any other helicopter as well.
==== IDG-A32X ====

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